How it works

Fornebu Scooter is an app that lets you find and unlock electric scooters, and provide you with information on where you can park your scooters at Fornebu.

We have 8 stations around Fornebu. You can see the number of available scooters in the app.

First off: download the app

Download the app Fornebu Sparkesykkel for Android or iPhone, and add your payment method.

Find and unlock

Use the app to see where there are stations and how many available scooters are there. Tap “unlock” in the app when you’re close to a station. Pick the scooter you want by selecting the name of the scooter you want in the app. You can unlock scooters between and .

Ride away, and take a pause if you want

You may want to take a pause when you are on a trip. To do so, press pause in the app. Pausing the ride gives you the opportunity to lock the scooter to itself, so it remains safe while you are away from it. But be aware that you are still responsible for the scooter when it is paused, and you still pay per minute. Use the app to unlock the scooter again when you are ready to move on.

Return and lock the scooter

You can return your scooter at any station you want, but by the latest. Your nearest station is always displayed in the app. Press “lock” in the app, the light will turn off and you will hear a confirmation sound. Look for confirmation in the app.

Scooter rules

be one person at a time

be cool using a helmet

show respect for others in the traffic and for the scooter - after all, you share it with others

be over 18 years old

keep both feet on the scooter while you are on a trip



NOK 1 to unlock + NOK 1 per minute

Pay as you go